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We have been very successful over the years working with our clients to get them equipment with no capital expenditures - based on volume usage agreements.

You would be surprised at how few tests are required!

Easy to Get Started:

1. Agree to purchase a negotiated amount of Re-Agents per month from Whitmire Medical.

2. Whitmire Medical places the appropriate number of machines/analyzers at the facility – with the ownership of the device
remaining with Whitmire Medical – while you get reimbursed for the services that you are providing your patients!!!

Available Machines:

  • Cholesterol/Lipid Panel/LIver Functions

  • Glucose

  • HBA1C

  • HGB

  • PT/INR

  • Urine

Start a Volume Re-Agent Program

If you are interested in starting a Volume Re-Agent program with Whitmire Medical – just click on the button below and email us!