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Technical Information

The following links are here for you to quickly navigate to these manufacturers if you need to following information:

  • Reimbursement

  • Online Training

  • Technical Support

  • Quality Control Assay Sheets

  • Calibration Verification

  • Online Documentation

Cardiochek www.cardiochek.com

Cholestech (LDX & GDX) www.cholestech.com

DCA 2000 & Clinitek Status www.siemens.com

HemoSense INRatio www.hemosense.com

Metrika www.metrika.com

ITC Protime www.itcmed.com

ITC Signature Plus www.itcmed.com

ITC Signature Elite www.itcmed.com

ITC HGB Pro www.itcmed.com

Stanbio Hemopoint H2 & Rapids www.stanbio.com

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact Whitmire Medical at 800-827-7502. We are standing by ready to help!